Friday, November 15, 2013

For Potential Patrons

Published Novels

  • This Way Madness Lies
  • The Gypsy Storyteller
  • Full Moon Over America
  • Fingerprints of Armless Mike
  • The Caretaker
  • The Hancock Boys
  • The Editor

Unpublished Novels

  • Those Murderous Macbeths
  • The Affair
  • The Senator's Secret
  • The Passage
  • 3131 Ocean Avenue

Novels Under Construction

  • Annie's War
  • America Augustus Mirth
  • The Thug
  • Madame President

Novel I am Working on Now

  • Ambition

So what have I been writing about these past many years?

The Human Condition.
Self Deception. 
The Terrible Truth.
The Impossibility of Getting Along with the Opposite Sex
Families. Families. Families.

Presently all of this is germinating in Ambition!, the story of a man who kidnaps his wealthy and powerful father and seduces his own son's wife in pursuit of his desires both real and perceived.

The novel is the perfect form for digging into the guts of the human animal. No other art form really comes close. Writing novels is a lifetime endeavor and demands an understanding of psychology, anthropology, sociology, history, politics, love, hate, and greed. In addition, the serious novelist must be an astute observer of human behavior, an exceptional listener, agreeable to long stretches of solitude, and, of course, a skilled and entertaining wordsmith. It is a horrendously difficult and demanding occupation, but one I have nevertheless pursued with extreme fidelity for a quarter of a century. It seems a shame to stop now simply because of economic pressures.